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Torrey's Topical Textbook

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Denial of Christ.

Desert, Journey of Israel Through The.

Through the Red Sea 

Ex 14:22,29.

Faith exhibited in passing. 

Heb 11:29.

Pharaoh and his host destroyed. 

Ex 14:23-28; Ps 106:11.

Israel's song of praise. 

Ex 15:1-21; Ps 106:12.

Through the wilderness of Shur or Etham 

Ex 15:22; Nu 33:8.

To Marah 

Ex 15:23; Nu 33:8.

Murmuring of the people on account of bitter water. 

Ex 15:24.

Water sweetened. 

Ex 15:25.

To Elim 

Ex 15:27; Nu 33:9.

By the Red Sea 

Nu 33:10.

Through the wilderness of Sin 

Ex 16:1; Nu 33:11.

Murmuring for bread. 

Ex 16:2,3.

Quails given for one night. 

Ex 16:8,12,13.

Manna sent. 

Ex 16:4,8,16-31.

To Dophkah 

Nu 33:12.

To Alush 

Nu 33:13.

To Rephidim 

Ex 17:1; Nu 33:14.

Murmuring for water. 

Ex 17:2,3.

Water brought from the rock. 

Ex 17:5,6.

Called Massah and Meribah. 

Ex 17:7.

Amalek opposes Israel. 

Ex 17:8.

Amalek overcome. 

Ex 17:9-13.

To Mount Sinai 

Ex 19:1,2; Nu 33:15.

Jethro's visit. 

Ex 18:1-6.

Judges appointed. 

Ex 18:14-26; De 1:9-15.

Moral law given. 

Ex 19:3; 20:1-26.

Covenant made. 

Ex 24:3-8.

Moral law written on tables. 

Ex 31:18.

Order for making the tabernacle, &c. 

Ex 24:1-27:21.

Tribe of Levi taken instead of the first-born. 

Nu 3:11-13.

Aaron and his sons selected for priesthood. 

Ex 28:1-29:46; Nu 3:1-3,10.

Levites set apart. 

Nu 3:5-9.

Golden calf made. 

Ex 32:1,4.

Tables of testimony broken. 

Ex 32:19.

People punished for idolatry. 

Ex 32:25-29,35.

God's glory shown to Moses. 

Ex 33:18-23; 34:5-8.

The tables of testimony renewed. 

Ex 34:1-4,27-29; De 10:1-5.

Tabernacle first set up. 

Ex 40:1-38.

Nadab and Abihu destroyed for offering strange fire. 

Le 10:1,2; Nu 3:4.

Passover first commemorated. 

Nu 9:1-5.

Second numbering of the people. 

Nu 1:1-46; Ex 38:25,26.

To Kibrothhattaavah 

Nu 33:16.

Complaining punished by fire. 

Nu 11:1-3.

Called Taberah. 

Nu 11:3.

Murmuring of the mixed multitude and of Israel, for flesh. 

Nu 11:4-9.

Flesh promised. 

Nu 11:10-15,18-23.

Seventy elders appointed to assist Moses. 

Nu 11:16,17,24-30.

Quails sent for a month. 

Nu 11:19,20,31,32.

Their murmuring punished. 

Nu 11:33; Ps 78:30,31.

Why called Kibrothhattaavah. 

Nu 11:34.

To Hazeroth 

Nu 11:35; 33:17.

Aaron and Miriam envy Moses. 

Nu 12:1,2.

Miriam punished by leprosy. 

Nu 12:10.

Delayed seven day for Miriam. 

Nu 12:14,15.

To Kadeshbarnea in wilderness of Rithmah or Paran 

De 1:19; Nu 32:8; 12:16; 33:18.

The people anxious to have the land of Canaan searched. 

De 1:22.

Moses commanded to send spies. 

Nu 13:1,2.

Persons selected as spies. 

Nu 13:3-16.

Spies sent. 

Jos 14:7; Nu 13:17-20.

Spies bring back evil report. 

Nu 13:26-33.

The people terrified and rebel. 

Nu 14:1-4.

Punishment for rebellion. 

Nu 14:26,35; 32:11-13; De 1:35,36,40.

Guilty spies slain by plague. 

Nu 14:36,37.

People smitten by Amalek for going up without the Lord. 

Nu 14:40-45; De 1:41-44.

Returned by the way to the Red Sea 

Nu 14:25; De 1:40; 2:1.

Sabbath breaker stoned. 

Nu 15:32-36.

Rebellion of Korah. 

Nu 16:1-19.

Korah, &c punished. 

Nu 16:30-35.

Plague sent. 

Nu 16:41-46.

Plague stayed. 

Nu 16:47-50.

God's choice of Aaron confirmed. 

Nu 17:1-13.

To Rimmonparez 

Nu 33:19.

To Libnah or Laban 

Nu 33:20; De 1:1.

To Rissah 

Nu 33:21.

To Kehelathah 

Nu 33:22.

To Mount Shapher 

Nu 33:23.

To Haradah 

Nu 33:24.

To Makheloth 

Nu 33:25.

To Tahath 

Nu 33:26.

To Tarah 

Nu 33:37.

To Mithcah 

Nu 33:28.

To Hashmonah 

Nu 33:29.

To Moseroth or Mosera 

Nu 33:30.


Nu 33:31.

To Horhagidgad or GudGodah 

Nu 33:32; De 10:7.

To Jotbathah or land of rivers 

Nu 33:33; De 10:7.

Several of these stations probably revisited 

De 10:6,7; Nu 33:30-32.

To Ebronah 

Nu 33:34.

To Eziongaber 

Nu 33:35.

To Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin 

Nu 20:1; 33:36; Jdj 11:16.

Miriam dies and is buried. 

Nu 20:1.

Second murmuring for water. 

Nu 20:2-6.

Moses striking the rock instead of speaking to it, disobeys God. 

Nu 20:7-11.

Moses and Aaron punished. 

Nu 20:12.

Called Meribah to commemorate the murmuring. 

Nu 20:13; 27:14.

Orders given respecting Edom. 

De 2:3-6.

The king of Edom refuses a passage. 

Nu 20:14-21; Jdj 11:17.

To Mount Hor 

Nu 20:22; 33:37.

Aaron dies. 

Nu 20:28,29; 33:38,39.

Arad conquered. 

Nu 21:1-3; 33:40.

Called Hormah. 

Nu 21:2,3.

To Zalmonah 

Nu 33:41.

Murmuring of the people. 

Nu 21:4,5.

Fiery serpents sent. 

Nu 21:6.

Brazen serpent raised up. 

Nu 21:7-9.

To Punon 

Nu 33:42.

To Oboth 

Nu 21:10; 33:43.

To Ijeabarim before Moab 

Nu 21:11; 33:44.

Orders given respecting Moab. 

De 2:8,9.


Nu 21:12; 33:45.

To Almondiblathaim 

Nu 33:46.

Across the brook Zered 

De 2:13.

Time occupied in going from Kadeshbarnea to this station. 

De 2:14.

Order to pass through Ar. 

De 2:18.

Orders given respecting Ammon. 

De 2:19.

Across the arnon 

Nu 21:13-15; De 2:24.

To beer or the well 

Nu 21:16.

To Mattanah 

Nu 21:18.

To Nahaliel 

Nu 21:19.

To Bamoth 

Nu 21:19.

To the mountains of Abarim 

Nu 21:20; 33:47.

The Amorites refuse a passage to Israel. 

Nu 21:21-23; De 2:26-30.

Sihon conquered. 

Nu 21:23-32; De 2:32-36.

Og conquered. 

Nu 21:33-35; De 3:1-11.

Reubenites, &c obtained the land taken from the Amorites. 

Nu 32:1-42; De 3:12-17.

Return to the plains of Moab 

Nu 22:1; 33:48,49.

Balak sends for Balaam. 

Nu 22:5,6,15-17.

Balaam not permitted to curse Israel. 

Nu 22:9-41; 23:1-24:25.

Israel seduced to idolatry, &c by advice of Balaam. 

Nu 25:1-3; Re 2:14.

Israel punished. 

Nu 25:5,9.

Third numbering. 

Nu 26:1-62.

All formerly numbered over twenty years old, except Caleb and Joshua, dead. 

Nu 26:63-65; 14:29.

The law of female inheritance settled. 

Nu 27:1-11; 36:1-9.

Appointment of Joshua. 

Nu 27:15-23.

Midianites destroyed and Balaam slain. 

Nu 31:1-54; 25:17,18.

The law rehearsed. 

De 1:3.

The law written by Moses. 

De 31:9.

Moses beholds Canaan. 

De 34:1-4.

Moses dies and is buried. 

De 34:5,6.

Joshua ordered to cross Jordan. 

Jos 1:2.

Two spies sent to Jericho. 

Jos 2:1.

Across the river Jordan 

Jos 4:10.

Illustrative of the pilgrimage of the church 

Song 8:5; 1Pe 1:17.

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