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what Jesus said what Jesus did

some basic teachings explained why we should follow Jesus

what it means to follow Christ read the most popular book ever

faith in His power and love help in any way you can

Christian beliefs

how do we know if there is a God the mystery of one God in three persons

doing something which breaks the law of God forgiven by trusting in God's love and mercy

talking to God and trusting in His promises hearing the message and meeting others

does religion not impose restraints on how we live? could a loving God allow people to suffer?

would a good God allow evil men to prosper? why we should follow Jesus

Bible resources

introduction to the organisation of the Bible. biographies of Peter, Paul and John.

Bible and inspirational writings for each day. very low cost paperback Bibles available to buy.

explanations of Bible verses by theologians. find Bible verses related to certain subjects.

the whole Bible available to read on the internet. download a Bible and study guides for your computer.
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