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Becoming a Christian

To become a Christian it is important not only to understand and agree with Christian beliefs, but also to rely on these things for your life and salvation. We must put into practice what we believe by forgiving others and by living a life free from corruption.


An important step in becoming a Christian is to realise that no man is perfect. Although compared to others we may be above the average, who amongst us could say that they live a life without any hint of self-interest or desire.

How shall we answer the heavenly Judge when he calls us to account? Let us contemplate that Judge, not as our own unaided intellect conceives of him, but as he is portrayed to us in the Bible, with a brightness which obscures the stars, a strength which melts the mountains, an anger which shakes the earth, a wisdom which takes the wise in their own craftiness, a purity before which all things become impure, a righteousness to which not even angels are equal. Let Him, I say, sit in judgment on the actions of men, and who will feel secure in standing before His throne? (John Calvin)

Rather than despairing over our own nature we should turn to God, knowing that He offers us forgiveness for all that we have done wrong. Instead of God demanding punishment for our sin He has given us a way out, a lifeboat which can save us from the sinking ship.

His chosen one, Jesus Christ, the true child of God, who he loved and committed all things to, was given up as a sacrifice in our place. Being both divine and human, it meant that he could be a unique mediator between man and God. His death was an offering by all believers to say sorry for their sins and to beg forgiveness from a holy God. When we follow Jesus we are partakers of this sacrifice, and so the things which we have done in the past will not be used against us.

When we commit ourselves to becoming Christians we are adopted into the family of God, to become sons and heirs. God, who has done so much for us in the past, will continue to help us in the future. His tender care and awesome wisdom will never fail us. We can rest on Him as a loving Father who will love us, protect us and guide us in all the tough times which lie ahead.

Christian life

To follow Jesus means that we have a faith which trusts in God and loves the pure things of life.

It is impossible that faith ever stop doing good. Faith doesn't ask whether good works are to be done, but, before it is asked, it has done them. It is always active. Whoever doesn't do such works is without faith; he gropes and searches about him for faith and good works but doesn't know what faith or good works are. (Martin Luther)

We must love others even when they do not love us. We must help and care for those who have wronged us and caused us trouble. There can be no excuses - we must love and forgive, just as our Heavenly Father has forgiven us. We must let no good deed go undone, nor any chance of helping others be missed. We must live as Jesus lived and use his life and his teachings as the model for our own lives.

The road ahead may be difficult, but we can choose no other way. When trouble comes we know that we can trust in God who has promised that he will never allow us to go through more than we can bear. We will also have the spirit of God dwelling within us, helping us, strengthening us and leading us in the right path, producing the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.

Your decision

If you want to turn to God there is no need for delay. He is ready and willing to adopt you as his own child, all that you have to do is ask. Whoever comes to Him will never be turned away, so just ask Him to forgive you and plead for help on the journey ahead.

The Christian life is not easy if it is attempted in isolation. You should try to find a church close to your home where you can hear more about God and meet others who share your faith. If you would like to find churches in your local area just search the databases shown below.

May God help you and strengthen you on the way ahead.

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