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Jesus died when He was still a young man, but He has influenced world history for over 2000 years. Find out more about who Jesus was, what He did and why He was here. More...

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Learn what Christians believe about the big issues including:

Christian beliefs
The teachings of Jesus and his disciples are more than just a guide on how we should treat others, they also reveal how we should think of God, eternity and salvation. More...

Why Christianity?
The Christian religion makes an exclusive claim to be the only way of salvation so why should we believe what it has to say? By looking at man, God and Jesus we can see why it is the true path. More...

Explore why so many people believe in the way of Jesus by looking at:

Accepting Jesus into our lives changes everything we do:

Becoming a Christian
To become a Christian it is important not only to understand and agree with Christian beliefs, but also to rely on these things in our lives, and for our salvation. More...

Bible resources
The Bible has been read by more people in more countries than any other book in history. This section will help you understand why the Bible is such a classic, and why you should spend some time reading it for yourself. More...

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Consider some of the big questions:

Some people question whether religion is a force for good in this world, while others find it difficult to understand suffering and evil. This section attempts to answer these questions. More...

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